The Venice Faith and Politics Workshop.

For young adults, aged 20-35.

This is the programme from the 2016 workshop. Please consider it as a sample of what the 2018 workshop will be like. The Faith and Politics workshop is always developing. 

Part One: Where do we come from?

Introduction: About ‘Faith and Politics.’
Lecture: Sacred and Secular in Europe
Workshop: My own commitment in public life

Lecture: Political Loyalties and Public Service in Europe.
Workshop: National Stories – reflection and sharing.

Part Two: Discerning the Common Good in Public Life

Lecture: Catholic Social Teaching, a method for discernment.
Workshop: conversations with people in public life –
                             Electoral politics, community work, public administration.

Input: Jesus and Politics – followed by time for private reflection

The Reality of Political Life: Gragory Maniatis,
                    (Advisor to Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative on Migration.)

Part Three: Finding God in all things

Workshop: Recalling the vision of Faith and Politics
Review of the experience

Daily input on Ignatian (Jesuit) spirituality
Group sharing about the day
Mass for those who wish